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Big Boys Toys | Las Vegas

The Innovation & Luxury Lifestyle Exhibition

Big Boys Toys is the innovation & luxury lifestyle exhibition that displays the world's most innovative & luxurious products & services from an amazing line up of global manufacturers.

After nine editions in the UAE, this is our second edition in Las Vegas making it our 11th. The upcoming edition will host some of the international premium brands and limited edition products. For those seeking an action packed experience, BBT will showcase a series of thrilling adventure products and services in the luxury expo 2020.

Why exhibit in Vegas ?

• The primary benefit of choosing Las Vegas for the Big Boys Toys, the luxury exhibition show is that new opportunities will be created for exhibiting the limited edition products, premium brands & services.

• Vegas is a hub for the elite and hence the right place to exhibit the luxurious and innovative products & services.

• Vegas will offer an outstanding opportunity for innovative technology, creative products and premium brands in terms of creating brand awareness and visibility amongst the rich and famous.

• BBT, the rich product exhibition 2019 is a brilliant global display platform for buyers and sellers.

• The luxury exhibition in Las Vegas is an excellent platform to build effective and long-term business contacts.

Big Boys Toys, luxury lifestyle exhibition 2019 is a must-attend event that provides an ultimate opportunity for exceptional and innovative luxury brands across 14 categories to get international exposure. BBT Vegas is an excellent global platform for buyers and sellers to build successful and long-term business relationships.


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